The Echo of Nawascape」1993Chronos 2008「Time of Nawa- The Hollowness of Nawa」1999「Hatsune Garden」 2003「Fossilization of Future」1998Missing cube 1992

Mariyo Yagi
The digest of art works
Environmental Art Projects

「The Echo of Nawascape」1993
TIR SAIL sculpture trail
Earth Work
Material : local stone, earth soil, sea pink wild flowers
Size : 300m x 10m circle
Location : Gulf of Lakken, North Mayo, Ireland

「Chronos」 2008
The Sequel of Senri Strata Creation Story Global Rope Plaza
Material; soil, recycle newspaper, sisal fiber,
bark's fiber,harden natural source, metal net, iron angles Size; 7m length x 4m wide x 3m hight
location: SentiChuo center Osaka, Japan

「Time of Nawa- The Hollowness of Nawa」1999
Materials: Soil concrete,Sisal,Bamboo, reeds,
Mixed Media
Size: w 6,7m x h 5,8m x d5.3 m , 10mx0.7mx2,4m
Location: Mikata-cho Johmon Museum Park, Fukui,Japa

「Hatsune Garden」 2003
Material: soil, recycle newspaper, sisal fiber, cement,iron, stone, Earth Grain Concrete, Plants
Size: 800 square meter
Location: Kyoto Municipal Education Counseling Center for Children, Kyoto

「Fossilization of Future」1998
Material: concrete ( 80t)
Size: 3m x 4m x1m, 6m x 4mx1m
Location: Tsuda science hills, Hirakata,Japan

「Missing cube」 1992
material: stone powder, resin
Size: 1mx 1m x 0,24m (1mx1mx1m four pieces)